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updated: March 17, 1998

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rutherford or lyndhurst

 * dorina martirano
Phone: 301-949-2151
Best time to call: anytime
Price Range: would like to stay in the 200,000 range or less but open to a little more if house is great
Other: would love a victorian but brick colonial would do. really need a fireplace. would love a nice front porch. fenced yard a plus but as long as yard is nice enough for my 5 little boys and my garden, i'll be happy. hubby is handy so moderate fixe r upper acceptable -especially if victorian. central air needed but again if house is great we can work it out. please help me if you can--we are moving there from maryland and i need to be in new jersey before the next school year starts. ideally would like to move in the summer. rent with option also acceptable. hubby already working alot in NYC and kids go crazy without him! need to move there asap!!!! :-) thank you thank you thank you :-)


 * Alison Gebbie
Price Range: less than 200,000
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Baths: 1
Other: Must have:
Gas heat (no oil heating), Newer Roof,
Nice to have:
Garage, Hard Wood floors, Central Air

Teaneck, South Orange, Hoboken


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