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updated: March 22, 1998

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Rural NH

 * David Barron
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Baths: 1
Other: Rural, near or on waterfront, within 20 minutes to major skiing, guest house or separate apartment is a plus.

Surry, Westmoreland, Chesterfield

 * Douglas Frederick
Price Range: Negotiable, Land to build also possible
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Baths: 2

NH or MA

 * Dawn Dossett
Phone: 615-776-3337
Best time to call: 10:00-6:00 p.m.
Price Range: 85,000-100,000
Number of Baths: 1
Other: Looking for a house for two adults in the MA/NH. We are self-employed antiques dealers and the area is not as important as the house. We do need a house with a workshop that we can move furniture in and out of. We are open to many options. Would like to have at least 1/2 acre of land.

Not relative at this time

 * Joseph Giannelli
Price Range: 130,000-150,000
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Baths: 1
1. Prefer an adult community living environment.
2. An attached garage.
3. Prefer gas utilities for heating and cooking.
4. Area not prone to any form of weather related surface water damage.

North of MA or So. NH

 * Charles Gondola
Phone: (617)628-9206
Best time to call: 10am-8pm.
Price Range: Pref.Fixer Upper 40,To 70,000
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Baths: 1

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