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updated: June 28, 1998

Near Grangeville

 * Robert and Mary Mangold
Phone: (813)864-4790
Best time to call: 5 - 9pm Eastern Standard
Price Range: $120 - 170K
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Baths: 2
Other: Looking for acreage (5 to 30)with nice existing home, outbuildings such as a work shop or other is hopeful, and outside of town, somewhat secluded, mountain and/or river front views, wildlife. Will be in Grangeville area in July! Call if you have a prospective property we can see!


 * Olav Berg
Phone: (503) 755-9624
Best time to call: 4p.m. to 9p.m.
Price Range: 20,000 to 139,000
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Baths: 1
Other: Am looking for property in country with at least 5 acres. Would prefer it to be fenced but if its not, it's no big deal.

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