About For Sale By Owner

Please note our low one-time rate of $30.00

For Sale By Owner properties are listed with all other real estate for sale at Real Estate On Line: by state, town, style, and cost. The cost to list is a one time $30 flat-rate, until you sell your property! You may include as much advertising copy as you wish regarding your property, but be sure to include the price, the house style, the location, and the region if applicable. Our rate includes 2 pictures. We will return pictures if you request. We will provide you with weekly hit statistics for your page, and an email inquiry form.

SAVE MONEY!!: Fill out our on-line form and save 10%! Just fill in the form and mail us your check and photos. (You can even email us your photos if you have scanned them already!). It couldn't be easier!

For more information about listing your home with Real Estate On Line, please contact us.

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