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Valentines Day

Dana Cooke
Columbia, SC
...I love the fact that my family and my boyfriend take the time to reiterate how much they really love me and how special I am to them. It also allows me to show how much I care.
Lalehan Can
Izmir, Turkey
...I actually want the Valentine's day as soon as possible, 'cause my love is very far away from me. So the only thing I can do is phoning him, and not going out the whole day (not to feel alone). But What I like that day is the sweet voice of my love , telling me how much he misses and loves me and the minutes that I hear his voice.
S. Anderson
Carbondale, CO
...I like Valentine's day because you find out who your secret admirer's is and if you wear red you might get a kiss.
David ...Valentine's Day is the holiday that I have been waiting for because of my wonderful girlfriend. I have bought her several things, including a dozen roses and a giant Teddy Bear. Of course I've gotten her chocolates and a few cards, but I've also go t some more personal things like a poem that I wrote. I can only imagine the look in her eyes when she finds out what all I've gotten her. I am planning to take her to a very nice restaurant and have the best night of my life. I just can't wait. I love her!
Saratoga, CA
...I love waking up with a red rose on my pillow and a breakfast tray with fresh squeezed orange juice and a bagel filled with strawberry cream cheese on it. I love Valentine's Day as the house is filled with fresh cut flowers and finding that special dinner invitation to the finest establishment in town for dancing and dining. I then don't even mind waking up -- and realizing that I do not have a valentine to spoil me like that! The delusion was great! Perhaps someday it will happen!
Beamsville, ONT a special meaning to life. A way to share you're happiness with not only your true love, but with everyone you care about. I found my true love February 27, 1997, it'll be our first Valentine's Day together. It will give me another precious moment that I will never forget. There is so much hatred in the world, but I believe this day is one that brings us all closer together.
Stow, MA
...I like the fact that you get a chance to express your true feelings to that special someone. love ya, danny boy.
Clintwood, VA
...because it is a special time to be with the one you love and, to express yourself. It's great because its one day out of the year you get great gifts that you want, not that you need.
Devi D
(Half Moon Bay, CA)
...what I love, other than my boyfriend, are the little chalk hearts.
(Louisville, KT) that my husband gave my the most beautiful roses and many kind words. Later that night when I went to pick up a pizza with his car I hit a deer and all he said was oh well when else would that happen!
(Santa Clara, CA)
What I like about valentines day is,peace and happiness. I think cupids do hit hearts. What fun fun fun.
m&m I like boys and Valentine's day is the time to tell him that you like him
I Like valentines day this year because after years of searching for the perfect match to me I have finally found her. I can remember the important things like, the lilt in her voice, the giggles she gets, the sheer joy she brings, the way she makes me feel like the teenager I should have been when I finally found her. For all these things makes me love her all the more... Thanks LMF. <SMOOTCH>
Mona Lisa
(Alburguergue, NM)
I look forward to Valentine's Day because I have an excuse to go out of my way to show my love, Jim Ray, he is truly the one who brings out the best in me and is the reason why his Rays of sunshine are gleaming off my face!
(Pittsburgh, PA)
I like to go ice-skating with my girlfriend on valentines day and kiss her on the nose
Sam Amendola I like boys and valentine's day is the time to tell him that you like them.
I like the Valentine`s day because then can I send a secret card to the boy I love.
I like it because it`s a day when your boyfriend can show his love for me. I also love all the nice postcards.
Jason Ewing
(El Paso, TX)
It is a time that was set aside from every other hectic day to show some one you care,
Cory Alexander
(Nova Scotia)
What I like about Valentines Day is knowing that I have a special someone in my life that I truly love. The love in her heart and the sparkle in her eyes is what makes her so special to me. She's my lady, my love, and my best friend. I love you Stace.
(Pocatello, ID)
I like that people can stop and express feelings of tenderness and love openly, unabashed. They can hold hands and stare into one another's eyes enveloped in the moment, sharing with the world this special feeling. There is a happiness and harmony which love brings out in people......I like seeing that. It is so much better than the evening news!
(Phoenix, AZ)
I like Valentine's Day because it is a day to celebrate all the love in the world.
Kiah Amara
(Wilkes Barre, PA)
Valentines Day is a day of Love around the world... This year is very special to me because I have the most incredible woman in my life. She is my Lover, Soulmate and very Bestfriend... The one I want to spend the rest of my life with .... All that I am and All that I shall become would be nothing without you, Chris ,,,,, I Love You, Unconditionally...
(Yankton, SD)
It's a day to celebrate love of family in a special way. And it's a double birthday for our son & his wife. So we are doubly blessed.  
Thomas Risse
(Woodland Hills, CA)
I like taking the time to appreciate the one's I love. I like being told that I am loved. I like having a day to remember to be appreciative of all the people who care about me.
Shay Sullivan
(Pensacola, FL)
Valentines day is a day that is suppose to show love and happiness. Not harsh actions against each other, no fighting or arguing. And it's also a time for commitment and love.
(Czech Republic)
What I like about Valentine's day is that I can spend a lot of time with my love girl-friend and I always want to give her nice flowers and I small present so she could understand, that I love her. But all stands on only if you have time and there are no problems such a long distance between two people and so on. It's beautiful day so don't waste that time!!!
(Attalla, AL)
What I like about valentines day is all the attention I get from all my lovers. And the affection I receive from all of them!!
Agnes Ong
about Valentines' day is that someday soon I'm going to be just like any other couples I see around me: with my significant other doing thoughtful things for me. It need not be just expensive gifts, it might be a thoughtful deed or a romantic gesture between the two of us. Until that time, I'll just sit around and watch other couples make their grand entry because I know my time will come soon enough.
Kenyuana Rhodes
Montbello, USA
I love valentines day because, my boyfriend always gets me exactly what I want, the perfect amount of love!!!
(Atlanta, GA)
I like Valentine's Day, because you can hear someone say " I love you " and believe that they really mean it.
(Carol Stream, IL)
I like valentine's day because you can express your feelings and your crush won't laugh at you, because this is the day for it. Also I like Valentine's day because at my school you can send carnations to people. WHITE means friendship, RED means love, and PINK is in between...this way you can send it to ANYBODY!! Also you can send singing valentines- those are VERY embarrassing!! It's very funny to watch! =)
(Derby, VT)
I like Valentines day because it is one day in the year you can express your feelings to your crush or loved one, without feeling stupid.  
Patrick What I like about valentines is that at school we get roses sent from friends and admirers!!:)  
(Traverse City, MI)
What I like about Valentines Day is being able to be mushy and silly and not have to be embarrassed because the day was designated to this kind of behavior with the one you love!!!  
Sarah Klug
(Hartford, MI)
I like spending the day with a loved one. I like the gifts, every single one of them. They are special no matter what it is. Wether it's a homemade card or a dozen roses, it all comes from the heart.  
B Scholar
(Little Rock, AR)
red hot heart candies
Ariella Winberg I like the fact that there is one day a year that someone can express their feelings to each other with either a card or a flower or a box of candy. Receiving a gift is also actually the funnest part of valentine's day.
'liz. miller (editor) What I like about Valentine's Day are the hand-made Valentines made with too much glue and lots of love by my kids!  

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