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UpBeat - Positive, Optimistic, Inspiring News

submitted by Frank Irman because because it is full of good news


Steve White Photography

submitted by Melanie Perry because " He seeks a path that is halfway between the Tao Te Ching and Scooby Doo."


an invitation to join the picnic...

submitted by Lanakila because Because I love the vision of a gentler world...


Voices of Women

...because A site dedicated to making women stronger and realizing their potential and great spirit.


Esoteric Source Providers

submitted by 'liz. miller because it has more great information of a positive nature


FruitTree's Pick of the Week

submitted by 'liz. miller because "Fruit Tree's Pick of the Week! is dedicated to the people and WWW sites who are taking creative action in the world; who are trying to make it a "better place" to live, think, heal, inspire, innovate and worship.", and they nominated this site for a Pick of the Week!



submitted by 'liz. miller because they are "a gathering place on the World Wide Web for a growing number of individuals, businesses and organizations that are seeking to heal our planet and pioneer new, more healthy, holistic and spirit-filled ways of living. "



submitted by Skid Schermerhorn because It pleases me to see ship pictures and stories.


Spinsters Ink

submitted by Shaula Evans because lists of really positive, uplifting pro-women, pro-lesbian publications


Project Mind Foundation

submitted by Jan Shepherd because Aim for a Utopian world


The Cow Pie Awards

submitted by Thomas A. Most because Great Graphics, LINKS ... GREAT FUN !!!



submitted by Thomas A. Most because The Best of the Web's Funny Pages ... UPDATED DAILY


The Goddess Home Page

submitted by Dianne T. DeSha


EuroDisneyland Paris

submitted by Gordon E. Peterson II


On Beauty and Love...

submitted by Gary Boone because It's about romance and love and poetry


Good News Network - Canadian Business News

submitted by Paul Rheaume


All Railroads Site

submitted by Jim Conway


Optimism Links

submitted by Subhash Mahajan


The Froggy Page

submitted by Greg Stone



submitted by 'liz. miller


Cute Kids Page

submitted by 'liz. miller


The Smile Page

submitted by 'liz. miller


Ze Sveedish Chef

submitted by 'liz. miller

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