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Greg Stone of Westport, MA, USA Westport's a beautiful little rural, seaside town, with ocean beaches and a shallow river that forks and splits the land into three distinct regions. The river is an excellent place to sail small boats and do some peaceful kayaking with lots of ospreys and shore birds. What's more, most people whiz right by Westport on their way to "THE CAPE," thinking they'll find something better there - and leaving us to our rural/coastal tranquility! (Hmmm -maybe I shouldn't tell people this?)
'liz. miller (editor) I live in a small town near the water. I know my neighbors, I know Pat who runs the Village Store. The folks at the Post Office always ask how you are.
Nicole, of San Francisco, CA, USAStory: She slowly raises her gossamer gown revealing her golden thighs.Can you quess what that is? It is not difficult to wax poetic about this beautiful city and all the the great things there are to see and do here. I like North Beach with its Italian ambiance, funky blues clubs,ghost of the beatniks at City Lights bookstore, cappiccino at an outside cafe overlooking Washington Square, hearing Vince Lateano`s Jazz Trio at Pearls.There is Chinstown,full of novelties,lovely linens, treasures form the Far East. unusual foods and secret passageways. Haight St., scene of my past, still lives on colorfully. Punky hair and wild colors and clothes, nose rings, tattooes,some unusual shops and attitudes but basically harmless.Soma(south of Market St.)alternative music,hot new bands in the many dancehalls,lots of late night doings.And chi-chi Union St. and Chestnut St with the many coffee houses so full on Sunday mornings that the young professionals have to sit on the curbs to drink their Starbucks.The glorius Palace of Fine Arts with its swans and regal brides posing for their photos. And the Exploratorium which is really not just for children. The beautiful bodies on the Marina Green.Sometimes when I`m feeling flush,I`ll go to the top of the Bank of America`s Cornelian Room for a drink and the panoramic view of the whole city miles below.I also enjoy Lou`s on the Wharf and the talented man on the sidewalk doing his delightful name-paintings. There are flower stands on many corners and
street artists and musicans playing music all over the place.There is lots of music here.Festivals,Reggae and other musical days on the lush green meadows in Golden Gate Park which is really quite a wonder in itself.The sublime Japanese Tea Garden,the splendid Arboretum and Hall of Science.There is a lot of bicycling and roller-bladding in the Park on Sundays when it is closed to traffic.And there are Street Fairs in all the different neighborhoods all summer long. I have walked this fine city up,up,up its many hills and down its secret hidden alleyways and treasure spots.To me it is always beautiful. All different languages, colors, cultures living together within seven square miles and for the most part getting along quite well with each other. Tolerance, freedom of expression, all mixing and blending into a tapestry representing most of the world`s peoples. I enjoy the many different neighborhoods. Japantown, Chinatown, the Mission, the Tenderloin, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, Noe Valley, Portero Hill, the Castro, Pacific Heights, Glen Park, Hayes Valley, the Sunset, the Fillmore,the Richmond out where Ilive by Lincoln Park and Lands End. Yes,Robin Williams lives out here too, in the Sea Cliff. All the neighborhoods intrigue me. We have so many ethnic restaurants that you can eat in a different country every day for a very long time.Some of these countries are no longer on the world maps but their wonderful cuisine still continues. San Francisco struggles to remain the gracious and hospitable lady she is in spite of all the urban problems she has in common with all cities in these times. I am grateful that I am able to live here on the edge of the continent in what I feel is the heart of the world.

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