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Agnes HaranMight sound somewhat trite but in all honesty the idea of having one's family all together and in good health in one of the best things about Thanksgiving -- of course the food is also good!!!!
Laura Kittleson One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is that it is a holiday that anyone of any culture, religion, what have you, can share. My family has had people from different nations, different backgrounds, as guests at Thanksgiving, and it's really fun to be able to have a holiday that is universal. I know, sounds sappy, but it's a feeling I really like. It's a chance to be happy together and spiritual without treading on anyone's religious toes.
Greg Stone, of Westport MA, USAOk, I know I'm supposed to like getting together with my family - and I do - but what I really like is it's the one time of the year we have genuine, hickory-smoked, thin-sliced, salted-until-it's-bad-for-you, Smithfield ham. Makes all that sugery, honey-glazed stuff seem like shoe leather in comparison. A little pricey, but if you're interested you can even find them on the Web!
'liz. miller (editor)What I like about Thanksgiving is that it is one holiday with limited commercial value. Many of us gather with friends and family and share the bounty of our lives. To me, it is the true, peaceful end of a busy year.

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