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'liz. miller (editor)The nicest thing anyone ever did for me happened about 3 years ago. My family was visiting my two sisters in Vermont, staying with my younger sister Sara's family. We were supposed to have a big dinner at Sara's house, but she was grousing that my older sister Tricia had invited some friend or other to the dinner party and now the party would be at Tricia's. She really got me going on the 'how can she invite someone else to your party' bit. Anyway, we went to Tricia's house for the party. When I walked in the first person I saw was one of my old friends, Liz, from high school who I hadn't seen since 1973 (nineteen or twenty years)! Turns out that Tricia had met Liz through business and they decided to surprise me with a special party! Everyone was in on the surprise except me. Thanks Trish and Sara and Liz, too!

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Created: Saturday, November 25, 1995 - 12:18:35 AM by 'liz. miller for CyberEd
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