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(Altoona, PA)
i like to go trick or treating with my girlfriend on halloween and then i take all her candy cause she doesn't like it. and then we egg my mom's house and then we egg her mom's house and sit there and eat the rest of the candy.
Kamel DarwishI really like everything about Halloween, the crispy air, Fall colors and leaves, and excited kids with beaming faces and laughter about!
Al RobertiHalloween is a great time to be someone or something you would only want to be for one day a year.
'liz. miller (editor)I love the irony that in this country we teach our children not to take candy from strangers 364 days a year, but on Halloween we go begging at stranger's doors for it! Go figure. I also enjoy the planning my children do to prepare for this day: picking costumes, comparing notes with friends, changing their minds over and over and over until it's almost too late. Then they prepare the route they will take their father on around the neighborhood, while I stay at home and keep tally of all the ghosts, goblins, witches, and princesses that stop by while they are gone!

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