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(Derby, VT)
I love Christmas because it is the "giving season". You can show people how much you appreciate them by a simple gift or nice gesture. I am 13 and I know a lot of kids my age think Christmas is all about PRESENTS but my parents are glad I see the right side of it. Merry Christmas everyone!! 2-1-97
Kamel DarwishWhat I love most about Christmas is the general inclination of everyone to be courteous. Such positive social attitude should be expressed ALL YEAR!
mary goingI like Christmas because I can get away with being very tacky. There are colored lights everywhere and plastic reindeer on the lawn. (Ok, I don't have the nerve for the plastic reindeer.) Plus, Christmas gives me the opportunity to take down all the ugly things my sweetie has put up though out the rest of the year. I remove them, ostensibly to put up Christmas decorations, then hide them and hope they are never missed.
'liz. miller (editor)What I like about Christmas is singing carols at the West Parish Congregational Church. It is an old church, from 1717, with hard benches, and not much heat. But the town gathers for a carol sing before the tree gets lit on the green. The kids squirm, some (like me) sing off key, but the candles are lit in the window, and if we're lucky, the snow is falling when we leave, and the world is wrapped in silence, if only for a few minutes. I also like going to hear the hand bell concert with one of my best friends, baking every kind of cookie I can think of and of course, I love the excitement in my children's eyes on Christmas morning.

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