The Optimist

You're probably wondering...

Who We AreWe are 'liz. miller, and her family and friends, who believe that if we can find the positives, rather than the negatives, every day, we will not only feel better ourselves, but that feeling will spread to others. To some degree, we feel The Optimist is like the Random Acts of Kindness movement - do something nice anonymously, without thought of reward or even thanks for someone else. Invariably, that person will do the same for another. It keeps growing.
Why?The opportunity to create The Optimist was an assignment for a CyberEd Web Design course at UMass Dartmouth
The NameThe name The Optimist was suggested by my friend Sarah Reyburn.
'liz. miller'liz. miller is a web designer and Internet Marketer who strongly believes in giving back to the community. In addition to her paid work, she has done numerous pages for non-profit organizations, and provides information centers - pages of web links devoted to a specific topic - for no cost.

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