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December 8, 1995

No Monopoly on Giving

Elizabeth C. Miller

originally reported on the ABC Nightly News

St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis received a $1,000,000 winning McDonald's Monopoly Scratch Game in the mail from an anonymous donor. At first the folks at St. Jude's thought it was a hoax, but the ticket was verified by McDonald's, and Ronald McDonald himself presented the check for $1,000,000 to the hospital. St. Jude's is nationally known for their work healing very ill children. What a wonderful gift!

Best Move

Kamel Darwish

After almost 5 years of a nomadic life starting from Bethesda, Maryland, USA, where I grew up and married my Finnish wife Maija, to Stockholm, Sweden, for 2 years, then Harpenden, England, for almost two years, now my wife and I and our two kids have finally settled down in Turku, Finland. This is the realization of a dream we've shared since we received our first baby blessing almost ten years ago. On my salary as a research scientist and with the poor job prospects of late, it's been really tough and tense at times, but it seems we're finally into a most settled and contented time of our family life. Now, we are especially thankful to my wife's two sisters and their husbands for our most recent move to a new home of our own, with furnishings of our own. They took leave from their busy jobs and, with two days of selfless and tireless work, they got us completely settled in with all furnishings assembled and in place. I wish them and you the same fortune and happiness from family and friends that care.

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