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November 24, 1995

A+ America Helps Howe-Manning!

Shanti Mahajan

Middleton, Massachusetts United States

Howe-Manning School of Middleton is 55% of the way to earning FREE technology! Students and parents contribute proofs of purchase from participating companies to earn free techology for the school. This school will be helped in a big way because we need more computers. Many more families are moving to Middleton, and many kids are stuck sharing a computer with somebody else, which is pretty hard.

This is great news because we're more than halfway there to helping our school, and I KNOW we're going to make it!

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Santa's Shopping Network

Shanti Mahajan

Middleton, Massachusetts United States

Yes, it's Santa's Shopping Network! Pick the presents that you want this year!

Santa's Shopping Network is a play being performed by the 5th grade at Howe-Manning School. The play is about some kids at their school who want to call Santa's Shopping Network and get presents for the homeless.

Santa's Shopping Network is a place where kids can call and pick three items they want for Christmas. But when many calls come from one address, Santa thinks kids are trying to get lots of presents for themselves. But he soon finds out the kids aren't doing it for themselves. They're doing it for the homeless.

Some of the people acting in this play are -

Santa: Greg Moore
Mr. Big: Sean McCarthy
Blitzen: Rachel Andler
Director: David Costa
Announcer: Nathanial Story
Beauticians: Amy Perella, Becky Bettencourt, Lance Doane, Joshua Belickonis
Network Gang: Christine Meinerth, Marc Smith, Amy DiPlacido, Shanti Mahajan, Adam Bochard, and others

The play will be held at Howe-Manning School in Middleton, on December 18, 1995. The time will be at 7:00pm. All are welcome!

For more information, send e-mail to

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