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Thu Mar 11 19:40:06 1999

of said... Rick Andrews of Green Harbor has won this months drawing to a TWO NIGHT STAY at the International Inns Getaway Hyannis, MA Cape Cod, with a full dinner( Lobster/Prime Rib) for Two a full buffet breakfast ( the best on the Cape) GIVE US YOUR COMMENTS FOR NEXT MONTHS DRAWING. A weekend stay at the Colonial House , full dinner and breakfast included. Listen to our RESTAURANT RADIO SHOW, SATURDAYS, WATD FM 95.9 AT 10AM to 12NOON.........BOSTON, METRO SOUTH, SOUTH SHORE , CAPE COD, SOUTHEASTERN MA. EASTERN RHODE ISLAND. And don't forget our Cooking Show on WBPX PAX TV 46 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:30AM Boston, Southeastern MA & Rhode Island

Sun Mar 7 16:25:44 1999

Beth Goldstein of New York City said... I used to really enjoy going to The Fieldston (note spelling, you've got a little typo on your webpage) in Marshfield, Mass. I'm no longer able to go there, but I have a friend coming to visit me from Boston and I wanted to see if they still make Pepper Seared Scallops in a Grand Marnier Tarragon Cream Sauce -- they're just fabulous. That's how I ran into your site. It's a truly wonderful restaurant, great food, great wine, a beautiful location --- very romantic. I recommend it highly.

Wed Feb 24 05:14:10 1999

debbie wingert of millbury said... My favorite restaurant is the Public House in Sturbridge. It has a very romantic setting and the food is fantastic. At the end of your meal you can have a free horse and buggy ride or a sleigh ride. It was a nice touch after a delicious meal. I highly recommed the Public House if you want that special touch.

Mon Feb 15 16:39:36 1999

Frank of Brewster.Mass said... May favorite restaurant is not to be found on Cape Cod. I have searched for a German restaurant but as far as I kno there isnot any such place on the Cape. I wonder if there is one close to the Cape. Let me kno - Maybe I should open one or maybe someone could serve german food once in awhile. How about a "German nite". I crave sour brauten & dumplings.

Sat Jan 30 16:05:41 1999

dine of new england said... Rick, the Fairview Inn will not be rebuilt according to the present owners of the property. Sorry. I sure miss my afternoons after the radio show......a pleasant lunch, a view of Provincetown, Cape Cod.....and of course my lobster scampi! Our winner for the monthly drawing is Karen from Worcester........a two night stay at the International Inn, Cuddle & Bubble, Cape Cod. jr

Tue Jan 19 04:41:21 1999

of said... WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MONTHLY DRAWING FOR DINING GIFT CERTIFICATES ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Sat Jan 2 18:06:02 1999

of said... MONTHLY DRAWINGS ???????????

Fri Jan 1 15:12:14 1999

Ric Andrews of Green Harbor,Ma said... John: I still miss the Fairview in Brant Rock any idea if they are going to rebuild? THANKS

Fri Dec 4 17:20:03 1998

Patty of Portsmouth, N.H. said... A great restaurant if you are heading upthe Maine coast is the Hurricane Restauant in Ogunquit, ME. It overlooks the water and the food is great. The cuisine is innovative and the views are superb. A very popular restaurant so make sure you nmake reservations. Small, quaint, cozy little restaurant right in Perkins Cove-- Ogunquit, ME.

Fri Dec 4 17:14:55 1998

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Thu Dec 3 04:11:45 1998

Diane V. LeRoux of Hyannis said... We love "Sam Diego's Mexican Restaurant" in Hyannis - The extensive menu can satisfy each one's favorite "Authentic Mexican" taste. The Chimicanguas are superb and the "Barbecued Ribs & Combo" nights are a special treat. We meet out-of-town friends there for a touch of "Mexico".

Tue Dec 1 16:17:21 1998

Missy of Las Vegas, NV said... While visiting the Cape last summer, I went to LandHo in Orleans...what a great experience. The atmosphere was fun and friendly and the food was exceptional. And to add to that, they had a great selection of beer!! I would love to go back, very soon!

Mon Nov 9 22:44:41 1998

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Mon Nov 9 22:30:17 1998

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Mon Nov 9 22:28:17 1998


Fri Oct 30 09:23:30 1998

Linda Patchett of Plymouth said... My favorite spot in Plymouth is the RUN OF THE MILL TAVERN. I go to other places but am often disappointed so I always return to THE MILL for a meal that always pleases both my tastebuds and my wallet. There are specials everyday in addition to the regular menu and the prices are very reasonable. The variety and portions are also pleasing. I often wondered why they don't advertise, but I guess word of mouth advertising has worked well enough as proven by the wait on the weekends.

Fri Oct 30 09:23:28 1998

Linda Patchett of Plymouth said... My favorite spot in Plymouth is the RUN OF THE MILL TAVERN. I go to other places but am often disappointed so I always return to THE MILL for a meal that always pleases both my tastebuds and my wallet. There are specials everyday in addition to the regular menu and the prices are very reasonable. The variety and portions are also pleasing. I often wondered why they don't advertise, but I guess word of mouth advertising has worked well enough as proven by the wait on the weekends.

Fri Oct 30 09:23:00 1998

Linda Patchett of Plymouth said... My favorite spot in Plymouth is the RUN OF THE MILL TAVERN. I go to other places but am often disappointed so I always return to THE MILL for a meal that always pleases both my tastebuds and my wallet. There are specials everyday in addition to the regular menu and the prices are very reasonable. The variety and portions are also pleasing. I often wondered why they don't advertise, but I guess word of mouth advertising has worked well enough as proven by the wait on the weekends.

Mon Oct 19 11:28:20 1998

Karen O'Mara of Worcester, Ma said... The BEST kept secret in all of Massachusetts is located in North Central Mass., in Winchendon. The Brass Pineapple Restaurant is absolutely wonderful! The owner, Chef Paul Wilson has a wonderfully creative menu consisting pastas, chicken dishes(on which will be published by Tyson Chicken in a cookbook soon), veal, steaks, and game such a venison and Ostrich Meatloaf. My boyfriend and I love it there and hope you could do a review on them. Thank you.

Fri Oct 16 05:29:48 1998

Lena Scholl of Eastham,MA said... Our favorite close to home restaurant is the Beacon in Orleans.Delicious food, good service and comfortable atmospphere.

Wed Sep 16 13:05:04 1998

Tia Christman of Hyannis said... Although my home town is Hyannis, I now reside in sunny Florida. I was very happy to see that the Penquin Sea Grill is still in existence, I somewhat recall it being called the 331st Main Street though. My fondest memory of the restaurant is when my family and I dined there back in May of 1984. It was also the last time I was able to have the most tenderest of calamari ever. I am planning a trip back to the Cape in December and I hope to be able to dine there again.

Sat Sep 5 14:12:48 1998

Chris Fletcher of Kenilworth, NJ said... I have spent many vacations on Cape Cod and I have tried many restaurants. The best that I have found (by far!) is the Off the Bay Cafe in Orleans. Their menu is very imaginative and everything is excellent. Try the lobster bisque - it's the best! There seem to be more and more very good restaurants in Cape Cod each year but I still can't find a decent bagel!

Tue Aug 25 10:43:29 1998

Lilian Barnett of Trabuco Canyon, CA said... Enjoying this web site, will be at the Cape the end of September, don't think we allowed enough days to sample all of these restuarants!! Will advise as to our favorites!!

Fri Aug 7 18:58:48 1998

dine of Cape Cod said... To answer the inquiry about why the reviews are positive in DineAround..... we take our comments seriously.....and the restaurants who are picks for this site. There are over 1200 eating establishments on Cape Cod...we only comment (not review) on 300+ including some in Boston, Southern New England. Thanks for you guest entry. Dine from DineAround 2000.

Mon Aug 3 14:54:39 1998

Vinnie Nelson of Mashpee said... One of the best is The Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis.They have gnocchi!

Thu Jul 16 11:28:39 1998

Kim of Hudson, Ohio said... My husband and I visited the cape last September, and are returning again this fall. We enjoyed The Paddock, The Impudent Oyster and Serena's- but our favorite by far was Van R's in Wellfleet- in fact we ate dinner there 5 times in the course of one week. I am looking forward to trying breakfast there when we return. Without exception, every meal that we had while on the Cape was wonderful. The one problem we had was finding a good (open) breakfast spot, but we hope that since we are a bit more familiar with the area now this won't be a problem this time. I admit that when I first found this site I was a bit confused as to why all of the reviews in Dine Around were so positive, with never a negative comment. Now I know why- people take their food seriously on Cape Cod!

Sat Jul 11 08:39:18 1998


Fri May 29 14:03:37 1998

Donna of Hamden said... I think the Yarmouth House is an all around good restaurant. The food is excellent and you get plenty of it - the atmosphere is also excellent, staff are pleasant as well. It is reasonably priced and you need to try it at least once. We make it a point of having dinner there whenever we are on the Cape. They also have early bird special prices - same food.

Mon May 11 08:28:27 1998

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Mon May 11 08:15:42 1998

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Wed Apr 15 21:05:08 1998

dine of New England said... This month our winner is JILL of So. Weymouth/ A weekend at the Colonial House Inn...with dinner and breakfast/ keep coming back to our site for an uupdate on our TV/RADIO SHOW.

Wed Apr 8 23:57:36 1998

Jan Davis of Queensbury, NY said... The Bridge Restaurant in Sagamore has a menu that ranges from home-made American pot roast to authentic Italian. The early-bird specials are great too!

Sun Mar 29 17:03:54 1998

Frank Glorioso of Brooklyn N.Y. said... Although we missed our Cape Cod vacation the past two years so I don't know if it still exists, we always made it a point to eat at The Blacksmith Shop in North Truro. The Duck with Amareto and Apricot is to die for.

Sun Mar 29 09:32:40 1998

Dana Dugas of hanover said... I am from hanover and this is my first time writing you. I am kind of disapointed, because you tended towards the restaurants of the cape. I tend to go out for brunches a lot and have come here for some ideas unfortunatly i was unable to find any. then again it could be me unable to find them.please let me know if there are more out there. Thank you

Thu Mar 26 21:38:53 1998

Matt DiGiano of Haverhill, MA said... My Favoite Resturant is DiGiano's North End Sytle Deli in Pocast MA. This my Uncles Resturant. He makes the best Pizza in town, you should try it sometime. He always has specils going on. So you should try to stop by, tell him that Matt DiGiano his Nehew sent you.

Thu Mar 26 21:34:02 1998

Matt DiGiano of Haverhill said... My Faviorte Resturant is DiGiano's North End Deli in Pocasit Ma

Tue Mar 24 14:51:14 1998

Jill of So.Weymouth said... A favorite Italian Restaurant in E.Bridgewater, Ma., right on route 18 is ANTHONY'S TRATTORIA. The food is made to order and the owner takes such pride in every dish that comes out of his kitchen. You will find it worth the trip.

Tue Mar 10 09:43:19 1998

Pat Savage of Clarksburg, NJ said... Cooke's Seafood the best fried clams that I have ever or will ever taste. Very informal but the service is friendly and efficient.

Sun Mar 1 15:35:45 1998

Paul & Barbara Prue of Dennis said... You have missed the 2 best restaurants on Cape Cod and beyond. They are INAHO, an authentic, exquisite Japanese restaurant in Yarmouthport; and THE RED PHEASANT, an exceptional fine dining experience, in Dennis. Please go there and taste for yourself. Mid-week is best for both, reservations a must. Be prepared for a real dining event.

Sun Feb 8 17:52:34 1998

Stephanie Minister of Falmouth said... My husband & I recently went to the Chappaquoit Grill in Falmouth and fell in love. The wine list was excellent, the wait people were knowledgeable about the food they were serving you, and the food was delightful. Excellent size portions, wonderful combinations of flavors. First rate!

Wed Jan 28 10:40:13 1998

Nancy Jorgensen of Franklin Lakes NJ said... As a new home owner in South Orleans, I have the pleasure of visiting the Cape often. While the service can vary and the waits are long the Chatham Squire in Chatha, has bcome a regular. The specials are great, the atmosphere is very casual and the walk through the village afterwards is always enjoyable.

Sun Jan 18 19:05:14 1998

Jo Anne of Hyannis said... My husband and I attended a Christmas party at the Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis...the food was wonderful and the service very attentive.

Thu Jan 15 21:21:35 1998

Pat Lewis said... John let us know how your doing, were doing just fine in florida. Pat & Mary Ann from the Sign Center. nice web page

Wed Jan 7 10:11:55 1998

Christine of Dennis said... One of my favorite Cape Cod restaurants is Sweetwaters in Hyannis! Their Vegetarian Ravioli is "to die for" and I haven't found anyone else that can beat the taste of their Cortez Chicken apps.

Thu Dec 11 00:32:15 1997

dine of New England said... This month's winner is: Capt. Lou of Marshfield. A weekend on Cape Cod at the Colonial House Inn, Yarmouthport. Your dinner and breakfast is included too! Thanks for your comments.

Thu Dec 4 19:29:33 1997

F Abbey of Brewster said... The best all around dinner restaurant for service and unusual decoration, comforable seating and good food is the Arbor in Orleans. The best waitress is Kate. For the best Oyster Stew go to the Lighthouse in Wellfleet. It is even better than the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.

Sun Nov 30 17:30:17 1997

Nancy Barber of Williamstown, MA said... My favorite restaurant on Cape Cod is the Beehive Tavern.

Thu Nov 27 11:31:21 1997

Michael Steins of New England said... Be sure to watch our Restaurants & Inns Revue Television Shows Every Monday and Thursday in Metro Boston , Channel 51 at 7PM. Soon we will be on throughout New England, 4 nights a week. Visit our site often for details and Vacation Getaways contest. ROR/12/97

Sat Nov 22 12:49:58 1997

Capt Lou of Marshfield said... One of my favorite restaurants is D'Niro's on Route 228 in Cohasset. It's located where the three towns of Hingam, Hull, and Cohasset meet. Although you cannot arrive by boat, it is very close to the Weir River! The restaurant is the former With Richard, which was founded by its present owner, Richard Stilphen. Other restaurants owned and developed by Stilphen include Issac's in Plymouth, The Hingham Bay Club in Hingham, and Paisano's in Kingston. D'Niro's also specializes in Italian cooking, and one of my favorites is their calamari over linguini. Take it from Capt Lou, you will not be disappointed! Dress is casual, service is good, atmosphere delightful, and prices low. Most meals are under $9.95. Reservations desired. D'Niro's beats the rest for a lot less. My wife and I paid over $100 for our meals at Saporito's in Hull, but have enjoyed D'Niro's much better for less...around $20 for the 2 of us! Also, check their full portion, weekday early bird specials.

Thu Oct 23 12:37:01 1997

Alex Hay of Wellflett, Cape Cod said... Mac's Seafood, on the Wellfleet Town Pier, is a must visit. A very relaxed inviornment, the freshest fish and shelphish right off the dock! A full sushi bar and raw bar with the the best oysters in the world- Wellfleet Oysters! Great dinner choices all prepared from the fresh fish selection of the Fish Market in front. On beach dining with spectacular sunsets over looking the Wellfleet Harbor. This place is very well priced with full dinners ranging from $9.00 to $14.00! A real bargin in a fabulous place.

Fri Sep 26 19:41:25 1997

VNA Function of Cape Cod said... Just a reminder to reserve the date NOV. 2, Sunday at 5:30PM for the 7th Annual BEST CHEFS of Cape Cod gala event. Over 35 of the finest restaurant chefs from Cape Cod will serve a sample of their signature entrees accompanied by entertainment until 7:30PM. $30.00 per person at the MANSION AT OCEAN EDGE RESORT. Call for reservation ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED. 508-394-2230 ext 8263.

Sun Sep 14 18:59:53 1997

Donna Killian of Manson, WA said... Although it has been 15 years since I was there, I recognized the Land Ho! mentioned at the review site. It was great. We used to have some good times at the Yardarm, too, I think it was called.

Wed Sep 10 10:55:42 1997

Bill Swallow of Meriden, CT; South Dennis, MA said... Almost forgot... an absolute MUST VISIT for me whenever I go to the Cape (which is a lot) is the Sundae School. I have yet to find another ice cream shoppe in its league. Even the "gourmet" titans like Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daaz can't compete with their good, old-fashioned homemade ice cream (and of course their homemade whipped cream). Put your diets on hold and enjoy! Personal favorite: Fresh Blueberry Sundae with Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream (when in season).

Wed Sep 10 10:44:29 1997

Bill Swallow of South Dennis (2nd home) said... I have many favorites on the Cape, seeing as there is such a variety to choose from. Best All-round: Clancy's in Dennis, great atmosphere, even better food, great service. ...stuffed quahogs the size of softballs!!! Best Relaxed Dining: Starbucks, Hyannis, comfy relaxed dining during the day, fun club atmosphere by night. Great nachos, waffle fries, and burgers. Best Mexican: Sam Diegos, Hyannis, Very nice... I love spicy food, and Sam's is the best I've had on the Cape! Authentic preparation and ingredients (no Taco Bell-ish bastardization). Best Fried Seafood: Hands down, the Kream 'N Kone, Dennisport, Need I say more? Best for the 3am munchies: The Egg And I, you gotta love a restaurant that OPENS at 11pm and CLOSES at 1pm. Most Missed Restaurants: The Cranberry Moose, Bogey's.

Fri Aug 29 08:36:44 1997

Mike Friedman of Holmdel, NJ said... I don't know if being the owner's brother makes me biased, but when it comes to good food, quaint surroundings, friendly staff and overall ambience, i'm a hardcore fan of The Sun Tavern, Duxbury, MA. I've tried many of the dishes including the rack of lamb and red snapper which are excellent, but my favorite experience is just hanging out at the bar with a burger and a beer. I love talking to the customers and the staff. With the fireplace and pub-like atmosphere, it's a great way to spend an evening. Unfortunately, Larry always tries to pick up the tab and he feels that he has to entertain me, so I can't be just another customer. Oh, to just be one of the locals. Another of the Tavern's great features is its interesting selection of reasonably priced wines. Compare the quality and prices - what a deal!

Tue Aug 19 20:12:02 1997

David Adler of Centerville said... Millway Fish & Lobster at Barnstable Harbour. Unpretentious Fish & Chips to eat at the picnic tables at a *very* reasonable price. A large menu features calamari and oysters as well as hot dogs for the kids. Also, the portions are very large. The food is excellent with no greasy taste and I suspect that only very high-quality oil is used and that it is changed often. Chef Ralph (and he is a trained and accredited chef) serves the best fried fish on the Cape and at the best price ($4.95 for a "junior" fish & chips, which is the same size as most clam shacks give you for $7.95 Inside, Chef Ralph has prepared foods for sale, again at very reasonable prices. My favourite is smoked trout on a portabella mushroom. You will also find bisques and chowders , seafood and lobster quiches, as well as some special recipes found no where else. It is worth a visit here just to sample the unique seafod sausage, which is available cooked or by the pound. As yo can see, we eat at Ralph's Millway Fish & Lobster a lot!

Sat Aug 9 00:23:05 1997


Mon Aug 4 20:52:42 1997

Dan Martin of Holliston, MA

Fri Jul 25 16:32:17 1997

Burton Ford of Newark New YORK said... We were at Cape Cod 5 years ago with another couple and went to Land Ho several times. Can't find it listed. Is it still there? We are coming again for our 40th Anniversary, with the same couple -- their 40th is the day before ours on Sept. 27th.

Sat Jul 19 21:07:00 1997

Michelle Landry of Lapeer, MI said... My favorite place is Jim's on the corner of South Street and Third Street in Philadelphia. Cheesestakes to die for! : )

Sat Jul 19 11:47:40 1997

Margo Reasner of Marlboro, MA said... My best local restaurant is Picadilly Pub. The food is great and the prices are reasonable.

Sat Jul 12 17:43:50 1997

James Hibbard of Hyannis said... Jerry`s dairy Freeze. I think they have the best fried clams on the cape. And the rest of the seafood is fantastic. a 25 year customer

Tue Jul 8 16:52:20 1997

Dale Ann Spaulding of Easthampton, MA said... For the past 18 summers, we've vacationed on the Cape...and McMenamy's Restaurant in Falmouth has always been our first stop. The seafood is just sensational...and downright reasonable...and their old-time player piano has always been a hit with the kids!

Tue Jul 1 20:03:06 1997

Dave Desmond of Winchendon Ma said... I have only been to the cape once. I stoped at a diner on RT. 28 SO. on the otis rotary called MY TINMAN DINER. It was the best food I have had in a long time. and the service is great!!!. The owner Barb is a very good cook, and a very special person.and her help are the best!

Fri Jun 27 12:02:19 1997

kathy donahue of blackstone,ma said... hi, first off the cape is my second favorite place in the world next to hawaii! i love this sight but your background for reviews makes the print very difficult if not impossible to read.( the pink with the small dots) can you change it? we love baxters boathouse . the seafood chowder is out of this world creamy rich with just the right amount of sherry. if you are lucky to get there early, sit outside on their small deck and watch the boats go by. not to be missed it's on pleasant street in hyannis.

Wed May 7 16:13:28 1997

colleen and condy medford of ontario, canada said... having vacationed on the cape for many years, we have tried several different restaurants. we have 2 favorites that are always on our must visit list whenever we return to the cape. for lunches and the best fish and chips, Seafood Sams is the place to go, and for a more elegant meal that is worth every penny and then some, The Ebb Tide restaurant, we have never tasted finer food, or met nicer people than the oowners.

Sun Apr 6 19:11:24 1997

George Jacobs of Woods Hole said... Lots of times people are unaware of a splendid year-round spot to enoy an evening out - the Nimrod in Falmouth - cheery, friendly atmosphere, above average food - try it, you'll like it.

Fri Mar 28 21:40:22 1997

Paul E. Trites of Mashpee said... My Wife & I really enjoy Lindsey's Restaurant in Buzzards Bay, good food and service...Betsy's Diner in Falmouth for a good breakfast.....And Cherrystones on Rt 151 in Mashpee is a fine place to dine.....

Thu Mar 27 16:43:40 1997

Sandra Conley of Jefferson, New Hampshire said... I've always loved the Regatta in Falmouth for special occasions. Their chocolate desserts are memorable years after the last bite!

Wed Mar 26 12:20:01 1997


Sat Mar 22 19:13:20 1997

Henry J Burns of Greenfield,Ma. said... One of our favorite restaurants on the Cape is Clancy's on Rt 28 in Yarmouth. There Lobster Scampi is one of our favorite appetizers! Everybody should try it!

Sun Mar 16 20:53:39 1997

John Rega of Cape Cod said... Our drawing for Dinner For Two and Mini Vacation at Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts Restaurant & Inns continues.....sign our guest book drawing April 21st. from our Guest Book. When in Boston, watch our Television Show on Cablevision of Boston, Channel 28, Mondays at 6PM. On Cape Cod , Channel 11, Mondays and Thursdays at 6PM.

Thu Mar 6 15:47:03 1997

Norma Pollitt of North Falmouth, MA said... Have just read all the recommendations and am surprised I did not find one for the Silver Lounge in North Falmouth. Always dependable and delicious. And I love to browse the Country Store that is attached and of course my grandchildren love the candy counter and caboose.

Fri Feb 28 17:34:49 1997


Wed Feb 19 11:06:04 1997

Jeff Berger of Plymouth said... We are never disappointed by the Daniel Webster...the food is always dependably excellent, with fine presentation, beautiful ambiance. . . my favorite is the bass, aquafarmed by the restaurant. Delicious!

Thu Jan 30 18:26:24 1997

Bob Gourley of East Wareham, MA said... The Beachmoor, Taylor's Point in Buzzards Bay, next to Massachusetts Maritime Academy. My wife and I love this gem of a restaurant overlooking the scenic bay. Summer offers spectacular sunsets and casual but gourmet dining on the enclosed porch. This time of year (winter) the fireplace and lounge are warm and inviting. A very talented piano player is often found tickling the ivories. There are guest rooms available here as well, a great escape package, any time of year. Haven't tried the whole menu yet but have enjoyed all that I've tried. My wife is fond of their seafood medley. I prefer their wild mushroom over pasta. The grilled linguica appetizer is out of this world if you enjoy that spicy Portuguese specialty. (We do!) If you have room left for dessert, you won't be disappointed. Also, a fantastic assortment of baked goods is served with dinner, not just boring old rolls, but real treats like fresh-baked cranberry bread. This area of Buzzards Bay was long overdue for a restaurant of this quality. I highly recommend The Beachmoor to friends and strangers alike. Enjoy!

Sat Jan 11 21:09:47 1997

Claudette Coderre of Arlington, Va said... ABBICCI'S!!!! On Rt 6A just west of exit 7 off of Rte 6. This is simply the finest and freshest food I've had on the Cape. It's exceptional quality in a casual, but elegant, atmosphere. If you dine between 5-6pm, they offer a dozen daily specials with salad, homemade bread and dessrt for under $20....I have never been disappointed. The menu leans toward Italian; veal, pastas,etc. The seafood couldn't be fresher. Pork chops were thick and tender, and the creme brulee perfect! If you're looking for classic and casual "New England" seafood....don't miss SEAFOOD SAM'S.

Wed Jan 1 21:27:24 1997

John & Pat Carlomano of Lake Hiawatha,NJ said... You know there is such diversity on the Cape that you can pick a favorite based on your location and mood. There are so many places that have strong atmosphere, either water view like Regatta of Falmouth, or romance Like the Captain Linnell House. But our all around favorite for best food quality, best romatic atmosphere, perfect service is ALberto's Ristorante in Hyannis. Its consistently a 10! Second place goes to the Impudent Oyster in Chatham. Happy New Year!

Wed Jan 1 15:22:19 1997

Barbara Felton of Wellfleet said... My favorite restaurant is the Whitman House in North Truro. Not only does it have excellent cuisine but it is awash in beautiful antiques. There is also a lovely gift shop on the premises. Although the regular menu is pricey, the Whitman House does feature lighter meals which are very reasonable. The Jailhouse in Orleans also serves marvelous meals. It was really a jailhouse at one time and features a wide variety of choices at varied prices.

Tue Nov 12 09:41:15 1996

Karen Abreu of Forestdale, Mass. said... I come from a large family and we all agree that the Yarmouth House is our favorite place to dine on Cape Cod. I am the only member of my family that lives here but when we all get together for a special dinner here we always go there. We usually get the Steak Aupov and the Brie puffs, and it must be very overwelming for the chef when he hears "that will be 15 steak auopovs and the same amount of brie puffs. Other members get other things too but that is usually what the majority gets. My sister loves the Yarmouth House, it's her favorite restauant but she lives north of Boston, and for her 40th. birthday her husband surprises her with a trip to Cape Cod and a dinner at her favorite restaurant. If you haven't tried any of the food there I suggest that you do. You'll love it!

Sun Oct 20 10:55:45 1996

John Rega of Cape Cod said... Just a reminder to those signing in , our contest continues through the winter months......offering a drawing once a month for Dinner For Two at one of my favorite southeastern Massachusetts restaurants. This guest book is back on line , so feel free to give comments and opinions about your outstanding (negative too!) dining experiences. Listen to my radio show, Saturdays, WATD FM , 95.9 9:30AM to 11AM for updates on the contest and new pages coming to this site. "As always, do everything in good TASTE!"

Mon Aug 19 20:43:27 1996

Richard Zisson of Brewster, MA said... Brewster Fish House The best plate of fish on the cape presented so elegantly that it is too beautiful to eat. Great wine list and friendly, expert service make this place a must. The only negative is it's size. It's so small that you must expect to wait. We have met many friendly folks waiting for our table. Just order a drink at the bar or eat your meal at the bar if you are in a rush.

Tue Aug 13 16:23:30 1996

Teri & Don Fisher of Whitehall, Pa. said... We love the Ebb Tide in Dennisport most of all. We always save it for our last and best dinner before heading home when we vacation on the Cape. The service, decor (marine - what else), super cranberry bread and the special sauces they put on everything are the best!

Sat Aug 10 11:58:49 1996

J.E. Morann of Killingworth, CT said... Next to my own restaurant, I LOVE the Black Cat . The atmosphere is wonderful... food was excellent... staff well educated and overall I can't wait to get back.

Mon Jul 29 11:13:02 1996

John Rega of Cape Cod said... Send in your comments soon for the July drawing of an International Inn (Hyannis, MA - Cape Cod) one night stay (Cuddles & Bubbles) for two Gift Certificate. Complete Breakfast & 5 Course Dinner. Next Month, a weekend for two at the Counrty Inn, Harwich.

Sun Jul 28 20:17:42 1996

Rob Durso of Whitman, MA said... I have a two-way tie for favorite restaurants on the Cape. For a nice relaxing evening I choose Clancy's in S. Dennis, with their excellent mixed drinks and the biggest appetizers around. My favorite romantic restaurant is Oysters Too in Falmouth (?). They have the finest clams and possibly the best service I've ever received in a restaurant.

Sat Jul 13 00:08:20 1996

Eddy Bungener of Charlotte, NC said... My wife and I absolutely love Clancy's on Upper County Rd. in S. Dennis. Their seafood stuffing and garlic mash potatoes are out of this universe. I also vote the Silver Lounge in N. Falmouth on 28 A near 151 to have the best quohogs around. We always stop there for dinner when we cross over the canal and come to paradise. We'll see ya'll the first week in October!

Thu Jul 11 08:57:42 1996

John Rega of CapeCod said... JUNE WINNER IS: The Boyers of Natick Gift Certificate to: Penguin Sea Grill, 331 Main ST.Hyannis You'll enjoy dinner at Penguin, one of the Capes' popular year round restaurants for over 10 years.

Mon Jul 8 03:06:52 1996

Cynthia Adler Luzon of said... Another favorite restaurant is Aesop's Tables in Wellfleet. Reasonably priced, this eatery has good service and terrific food. Ask for a seat on the porch. A great find.

Mon Jul 8 03:05:32 1996

Cynthia Adler Luzon of New York City said... Without question, the most terrific restaurant and the definite "jewel in the crown" of Cape Cod restaurants on the Cape is "Chillingsworth" in Brewster. The service, ambience, cuisine and overall atmosphere is second to none. For a really romantic evening, ask for the library, which is literally a room for two. This restaurant is a MUST for anyone who appreciates fine dining and all that goes with it.

Fri Jul 5 20:07:45 1996

Su Browne of Brick, New Jersey said... Kate's in Brewster is great, cheap and fun. The clam fritters are the best I've ever had. Portions are huge and the ice cream selections border on exotic. It's a terrific take-out place.

Sun Jun 30 15:45:24 1996

The Boyers of Natick, MA said... American Seasons...By far the best experience we have had on the "Islands". Repeat visits during different seasons, days and times have proven to be consistent. Can be rich, but when washed down with the appropriate spirits, who cares?

Fri Jun 28 08:09:26 1996

Sharon Hertz of Hyannis said... My favorite restaurant is GOLDEN BOY in W. Yarmouth. They have the freshest seafood around, especially the fish. The onions rings remind me of the ones from the 60's from A&W drive-in days. Yum!

Thu Jun 27 10:04:06 1996

Chris Keenan of Washington DC said... The LANDFALL RESTAURANT in Woods Hole is an incredible dining experience. You dine right on the ocean with views of the islands and the departing ferrys. The combination of seafood and sanwiches is excellent. Good value for your money.

Fri Jun 21 20:04:29 1996

Kim Carlon of Pittsfield, MA said... I read your review on Giardino's Family Restaurant and, as we (not unlike millions of food-lovers everywhere, I'm sure) are constantly in search of the ultimate pizza, I must say we believe their pizza deserves much more recognition. It is the most unusual (and crispy!) crust we have encountered anywhere in New England (though we have found that Pittsfield has one exquisite wood-fired pizza served by one of the best bartenders around, in our opinion). We travel to the Cape regularly just for Giardino's pizza, often devouring two between us before we even check into our hotel. Our record so far for a Friday night and Saturday is six (we REALLY like to eat!) Another favorite place we have found is Mitchell's Steak House, where we have had the biggest, tastiest fried belly clams, an incredible grilled swordfish steak, and ice cream bombes to die for (I like the praline one in a dark chocolate shell drizzled with caramel, and my other half gets the raspberry bombe in a white chocolate shell drizzled with raspberry sauce. Another place we never miss when we go to the Cape! Hmm, I think I'll take a ride...

Fri Jun 21 15:47:59 1996

Laurie Leitner of Pleasantville, New York said... While I have many favorite places to eat on the Cape, I want to let you know that Cherrystones, on Route 151 in North Falmouth has an escargot appetiser to die for. Served on top of fresh, rectangular shaped roll, these escargot melt in your mouth and have a fabulous garlic butter sauce. The rest of their food is great, but this appetiser is to die for! If someone can get the recipe from them......send it over!

Sun Jun 16 09:42:26 1996

Jim O'Donnell of Rochester, NH said... My family loves Betty's Diner in Falmouth, for breakfast or lunch. Good prices too. Nice bakery with home made doughnuts and breads. We have a place in Falmouth and love it!

Sun Jun 9 12:24:53 1996

James Spruck of Yonkers, NY said... When you finnaly get tired of seafood try MAMA RAZZI'S in Truro near Wellfleet. This restaurant has excellant all u can eat buffet style Italian food. Definetly a place to return to on your next trip.

Thu May 30 16:23:56 1996

Susanna Shirlock of Goshen, CT said... Our favorite casual restaurant on the Cape has to be Moby Dick's in Welfleet. It is by far one of the best seafood restaurants around. We have been known to drive up to the Cape just to eat at Moby Dick's!

Thu May 30 10:41:35 1996

Stephanie Bourque of Leominster, MA said... STARBUCKS in Hyannis is my favorite Cape Cod restaurant and night club!! The great pub-style food (suberb, extensive menu of appetizers, sandwiches, and seafood, steak and chicken dinners) is a major bonus to accompany one of the most fun nightclubs on the Cape. Great bar set up and excellent band selections for weekends.

Wed May 8 21:00:27 1996

Kathleen Stillson of Hyannis said... My favorite, inexpensive restaurant is the Gourmet Kitchen in Falmouth.